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Dexorange Syrup : Uses, Side Effects, Ingredients & Precautions Full Review

About Dexorange syrup:

Dexorange syrup is an iron tonic use to treat iron deficiency anemia due to hook worm infestation, in pregnancy, inadequate intake of iron, blood loss, anemia due to lactation, deficiency of folic acid, deficiency of vitamin b12, poor diet, lower number of red blood cells, lack of appetite. Uses of dexorange syrup is: Vitamin b12 deficiency., Poor diet, Iron deficiency anemia, Blood loss, insufficient take of iron, anemia due to pregnancy and lactation, used in dimorphic anemia due to deficiency of iron, deficiency of folic acid, megloblastic anemia, infant and childhood, loss of appetite, general weakness, post surgery, rundown condition. Use of this syrup may cause minor side effects like: Itching, Blacking of faeces, Allergic reaction, Pain in abdomen, Dark stools, Pain in stomach, Diarrhea, Depression, Constipation, Decrease serum level, Gastric problem. The mechanism of action of dexorange syrup is: Helps in producing red blood cells and platelets in the body, Formation of red blood cells and nerves, Produces normoblastic marrow. Dosages of this syrup is: Take 1 tablespoon twice a day or as directed by the physician. Precautions should be taken before using of this syrup like: Inform the doctor about your current list of medicine, If you use any over the counter product, Existing pregnancy, HIV, Don’t use alcoholic product, Don’t take if you allergic to this ingredient, Menstrual bleeding, Do not use any other iron tonic or capsules, Do not use if you having renal or hepatic impairment, If you taking another iron dietary supplement, Protect from sunlight. Some of the safety information of this syrup is: Keep out of reach of children,Before use read the label carefully, Only take the recommended dosage
It is avialable in the pack of bottle having 200ml liquid.
Price  – Rs.120/-
Dexorange syrup is having folic acid, cyanocobalamin and ferric ammonium citrate as an active ingredient.
It is marketed by Franco India Remedies.

Dexorange Syrup Uses:

Dexorange syrup  is used for treatment, control & prevention of the following.


Dexorange Syrup Ingredients:

The active ingredient of dexorange syrup is


Dexorange syrup side effects:


Dexorange Syrup Mechanism of Action:

How to Take:

Take 1 tablespoon twice a day or as directed by the physician.

Precautions Before Use:

Safety Information:

Drug Interactions:

If you use any over the counter products or any drugs at the time of dexorange syrup the effects may change. This may increase the side effects or cause your drug not to work properly. Inform your doctor if you taking any of the product like supplements, vitamins so that your doctor may manage your drug interactions. This tablet may interact with the following drugs.


Don’t use dexorange syrup if you have the following condition:

Fast Asking Question About Dexorange syrup:

In this case ask to your doctor

No. or discussed with your physician.

Yes, this treat vitamin b12 deficiency

Please consult with your doctor in this case.

No, it should be taken after food

Take it as soon as possible and if time comes to the next dose then skip it and keep on scheduled dose.

If you experience dizziness, drowsiness, headache then it may not be safe to drive.

In this case consult to your doctor.

No. Dexorange syrup is not habit forming medicine.